October 27th 2012 Concert £7 (£9)
Entertaining People
"The Time Traveller"

An original one-act comic opera inspired by the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Music by Bryan Kesselman
Words by Philip Barnett
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Just imagine that Sir William Gilbert finally persuaded Sir Arthur Sullivan to let him use the lozenge plot. The result, inspired by HG Wells' The Time Machine, might have been a short opera with the theme of time travel.

The Time Traveller has the feel of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, but is comprised of entirely original material by Bryan Kesselman (music) and Philip Barnett (words). G&S aficionados will enjoy finding the many musical and textual references to Savoy Operas. Everyone will enjoy the Gilbertian lyrics and Sullivan-esque melodies. Also, in true Gilbert fashion, there are several nods in the direction of modern-day culture.

The cast includes Bryan, Philip and Alexandra McPhee, with accompaniment by Chris Coote.

The second half of the evening will comprise songs from Entertaining People's eclectic repertoire.

"As your stage name implies, 'Entertaining People' is just what you do so well - with great professionalism!
On time, every time!"

"Refreshingly old-fashioned"